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Life Insurance

life-insurance-personal-howe-insurance-storeLife insurance is designed to replace human life value. It steps in to cover the mortgage, make sure children can still go to college, pay off family debt including last expenses, and more.

Life insurance comes in three varieties: term life insurance, whole life insurance, and universal life insurance. We specialize in term life insurance because it allows you pay less and protect more.

Have you ever seen or heard an ad for “cheap life insurance”? You can go to their website or call their 800# to purchase insurance. We have access to the same 25+ insurance carriers as them. In either case, the rate is the same.

So the choice is yours:
Would you rather buy from a faceless company or come to us for the local touch?

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Health Insurance

health-insurance-personal-howe-insurance-storeHealth insurance helps cover your medical costs in the event you or a family member have an accident or become sick. We offer health insurance for both individuals and families.

You can go direct to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) “exchange” and wade through the bureaucracy on your own or you can let us serve as your guide.

We represent three ACA-approved health insurance companies. You will see your best options and get guidance on deductibles, co-pays, out-of-pocket maximums and more.

Once insured, you will be in full compliance with ACA mandates so you won’t get charged any penalties. By coming to us, you will pay less and protect more, given your unique situation.

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Car Insurance

(and insurance for your boat, motorcycle, ATV, and RV)

car-insurance-personal-howe-insurance-storeCar insurance provides money if you are involved in an accident with your vehicle. If you are at fault, your auto insurance will pay for the damages to the other party’s vehicle, as well as medical bills and financial compensation for injuries. You can also obtain coverage to repair or replace your vehicle if it is damaged.

You have a lot of options when purchasing car insurance. We will help you determine which coverages you need along with the amount of coverages you should carry. Then we’ll shop for the best rates from our pool of insurers so you pay less and protect more. .

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Homeowners Insurance

homeowners-insurance-pesonal-howe-insurance-storeHomeowners insurance provides money to repair, rebuild or replace your house and personal property (e.g. furniture, clothing, appliances, dishes, etc.) if you suffer a loss. It also pays damages if another person is injured on your property.

Homeowners insurance policies can seem quite complex. You have a lot of options. The coverages have names which don’t mean much to people outside the insurance industry.

We make it simple. We speak in plain English. We assess your needs and customize your policy so you get the coverage you need. Now for the really good news – you will know from the start that you will pay less and protect more.

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Renters Insurance

renters-insurance-personal-howe-insurance-storeMany people overlook renters insurance, creating a great deal of angst when a loss occurs. They are shocked to learn that their landlord’s policy doesn’t cover their belongings.

Renters insurance puts cash in your pocket to replace your personal property (furniture, clothing, dishes, etc.) if it is damaged. It also covers injuries to others inside your apartment or rented home.

We help you find the right coverage in the right amount so your possessions are protected if the unfortunate happens. Then we shop for the best rate. Come to us so you pay less and protect more.

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Umbrella Insurance

umbrella-insurance-personal-howe-insurance-storePersonal umbrella insurance can be found in two variations – excess and umbrella.

Excess insurance covers you after the limits of your car insurance or homeowners insurance have been exceeded.

Umbrella insurance provides “dollar one” money. In the event the liability is not covered by your homeowners insurance or auto insurance, your umbrella insurance kicks in to cover it.

We help you determine which type of policy fits your needs and then present you with the best rates for your situation. It’s all about helping you pay less and protect more.

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