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Home Insurance in Champaign - Urbana

We help home owners find an inexpensive home insurance policy by getting quotes from dozens of companies.  Save thousands each year with a policy that fits your individual home.

Protect your home against storms, fire and accidental damage.

As an independent agent; I work for you! I provide regular reviews and support during a claim.

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For many people, a high percentage of savings and wealth is tied into their home. It is important to get good coverage for your house and personal belongings. You also need coverage for legal and medical expenses in the event of an accident.

I tailor your policy based on your needs and negotiate the lowest premium.

I bundle your home and auto policies to maximize your discounts.

Specialized condo insurance available for people that live in condominiums.

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Home & Property insurance coverage

Storm & Water

Tornado and Wind

Ice, Snow or Sleet

Hail Storms

Lightning Damage

Fire or Smoke

Burglary and Theft

Electrical Surge

Falling Trees


Frozen Plumbing

Aircraft Accidents

Civil Commotion - Riots

Detached Structures

Loss of Use

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As an independent insurance agent in Central Illinois, I have the advantage of finding specialized insurance products that meet your needs. Whether it's home, auto, business liability, commercial property, or workers compensation; I'm confident I can help you save."

Todd Howe