Low Cost Business Insurance

Save up to 20% on workers comp, general liability and commercial property insurance.

Whether you are contractor, service or retail business, we can lower your premiums. With access to specialized insurance products, we  can find a policy that fits your industry, type and size of business.

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save on workers comp insurance

Cheap Workers Comp Insurance

Ask about our specialized small business workers comp insurance at reduced premiums.  Our network of carriers allow us to get you into the right product based on size, wages and business type resulting in lower cost with better coverage than larger insurance providers.

Workers compensation insurance for construction and contractors

Discounted rates for businesses where you are grouped with high and low payrolls

Carriers that focus on high risk businesses like roofing services

Commercial Property Insurance

If you own a business or rental property, then let us save you money.  Access customize insurance products that put your real estate business in a discounted group.

Property insurance for apartment buildings and rental properties

Commercial property insurance for garages and auto repair shops

Save on premiums using insurance carriers that are unique to your business or industry

Commercial Property Insurance
business insurance workers comp liability

Business General Liability Insurance

Often known as commercial liability or limited liability insurance, this product protects your business from third party damages. Avoid unexpected expenses due to accidents, property damage, bodily injury, copyright infringement and various other events.

Ask how we save on premiums for Towing Companies

Reduce cost business liability insurance for large manufacturing plants and distribution centers

General liability insurance for a diverse range of business types

Ask us how we reduce your premiums on business insurance